Free Angela

Free Angela & All Political Prisoners (2013) Angela Davis joins the Communist Party, protests with the Black Panthers, and becomes a principle spokesperson for the burgeoning prison reform movement. As a result, she finds herself Fighting to keep her job, and in the national media spotlight characterized by her many detractors as a dangerous subversive menace, and by her supporters as a strong leader challenging authority and boldly advocating for “Power to All People.”

On August 7th, 1970 Angela is implicated in the politically motivated kidnapping and murder of a judge in a brazen daylight shootout at the Marin County, CA courthouse. Angela flees California, convinced she will not be given a fair trial and is placed on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted list. After a national manhunt she is captured two months later in New York City. Charged with murder, kidnapping and conspiracy, Angela is put on trial in one of the most sensational court cases of its time. After a two-year legal battle, an all white jury acquits her on all charges in 1972. You know her name. Now, you will finally know her story.

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NY Times — April 4, 2013

“Shola Lynch’s documentary about Angela Davis, the activist and beacon of counterculture radicalism is a snappily edited, archivally wallpapered recollection of fearless behavior in the face of an antsy establishment. But it’s equally significant as a pointed act of retelling.”

Village Voice – April 2, 2013

“In the stirring, soulful Free Angela and All Political Prisoners, Director Shola Lynch mixes original interview footage and archival clips with the agility of a master turntablist, syncing images and ideas with precision and focus.”

Indiewire – April 3, 2013

“Free Angela & All Political Prisoners” is a solid tribute a woman who was one of many vital pieces of the civil rights movement, and an insightful study of a time when the American identity — both politically and socially — was being drastically reshaped.

Variety – September 19, 2012

“Free Angela” is an impressive act of research, editing and period recreation; renewed interest in ’60s politics should assure some robust arthouse runs and healthy ratings for Black Entertainment Television.

LA Times – April 4, 2013

Documentarian Shola Lynch, who previously profiled Shirley Chisholm’s groundbreaking run for president, turns her lens on another significant African American female figure from the early ’70s in “Free Angela and All Political Prisoners.” Applying her “historical vérité” style to one of the most publicized trials in one of the most combative and hopeful periods in U.S. (and California) annals, she has assembled a detailed oral history. – March 8, 2013

“Free Angela and All Political Prisoners is a superbly executed doc from a political and emotional perspective. This is the first (and probably last) time Davis spoke about her trial, which eventually resulted in the acquittal from an all-white jury in June 1972.”

Alice Walker, Writer & Activist

“Free Angela Davis and All Political Prisoners is a stunning film. It is a priceless addition to the record we have of the struggles and courage of black political women.”